Transformers lost light 11

I wouldnt think so myself, but i also wasnt personally victimized by megatron, so my opinion might not weigh as much as theirs. Lost light 11 picks up right where we left off, still on the books namesake ship with a crew collectively known as the mutineers. One of the most loyal autobots makes a hard decision. Five years ago, rodimus and a collection of traumatised, lovelorn andor sarcastic autobots set off on a quest to find cyberutopia. However, not all is well with getaways crew either. The story is basically season 3 of more than meets the eye. Lost light 25 16 fluff 15 angst 10 alternate universe canon divergence 9 postcanon 7 friendship 6 established relationship 6 canonical character death 6 other tags to exclude more options crossovers. James roberts w jack lawrence, alex milne a joana lafuente, priscilla tramontano colours tom b. Unfortunately for the likes of riptide and first aid, it turns out the. Loves transformers, dnd, star wars, eso and, well, most other nerdy things. Lost light 11 shows getaway managing a complex plan with constant obstacles tripping things up, with a desperation taking hold informing some less than scrupulous choices. Debuting in december 2016, it ran alongside sister titles optimus prime and till all are one.

Be sure to hit your local comic book store this week as both these issues are due to hit comic stands on the 29th. So, ive been reading mtmte with comixology, and i just got to the lost light series, since i finished mtmte. The fact that getaway, or as i now mentally refer to him, getatwat, thinks hes the stuff of primes, is a massive indictment of his ego. Theyve lost their ship, the lost light, to a mutinous escapologist. Anyway, do you guys know of any cheap ways to get a hold of the four volumes. When new books are released, well charge your default payment method for the lowest price available during the preorder period. While the lost light is now under treacherous getaway command, its time for thunderclash to decide what to do next. There have to be a few bots on board who think getting megatron off the ship is worth every underhanded thing getaway did.

We will preorder your items within 24 hours of when they become available. Getaways nothing without a fiendish backup plan, though. Just how far is their new captain prepared to go to find cyberutopia. Just how far is the getaways new captain prepared to go to find cyberutopia. Thanks to 2005 boards member russian fan for sharing the idw transformers. They\ve lost their ship, the lost light, to a mutinous escapologist. Lost light is an ongoing comic series, a rebranded version of and sequel to the transformers. Really bummed to find out the lost light isnt included with their unlimited plan. The crew of the lost light, led by the mutinous getaway, is now only weeks away from completing their quest. Its a moment that brought a little mist to my eyes, making it clear that transformers. Rodimus and his autobot crew continue their adventure as they chase the starship lost lightand its mutinous new captain.

We sell transformers, comic books, teenage mutant ninja turtles, masters of the universe and more. However, the issue maintains a very linear plot from start to finish with little of the story taking place anywhere else. Orders placed with free standard shipping typically arrive within 37 business days. Lost light, which continues the events from his previous series. Good, i need to vent after reading this latest issue of lost light. Filling in the blanks released by idw publishing on october 2017. Lost light is an ongoing comic series, a rebranded version of. Get ready to see a particularly familiar face again. Cover a features artwork featuring getaway and the lost light by nick roche, cover b features by former series regular alex milne, and the retailer incentive cover features what appe. The fate of half the cybertronian race is in their hands. Aug170470 w james roberts a alex milne aca jack lawrence. Home forums transformers transformers news and rumors transformers. How did a bunch of good guys get behind a sociopath like getaway.

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