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Chevy c7 corvette owners can download new suspension tune. Setup bike software to obtain the best setup of the. Find the sport rider recommended settings for your bike. Offroad motorcycle suspension tuning and simplified valving diagnostics. Dsc sport allows drivers to custom tune their suspension by creating various tuning maps within the dsc sport tuning software. The air thats trapped on top of the fork oil is an important part of the suspension design. The generic suggested settings in sport rider are based on a 170 pound rider under track conditions. The early r1s can be a real challange to set up even for experenced riders. If you are on the lighter side 140180 the sport rider suspension setting guide done by nick i.

To get the best out of your bike it needs to be set up for the conditions in which you will be riding. For stringray models with the z51 package built from 2014 to 2016, new tour and sport calibrations are available, while nonz51 2016 stingrays get new tuning for tour, sport. It a spring that gets compressed when the forks rise. We can reduce understeer and oversteer characteristics with the adjustments of antiroll bar sway bars, bump and rebound, ride height, spring rates, corner and static weights. Lift the open mode adjuster, rotate it to the 1, 2, or 3 position, and press it in to lock the position. Developed for racing, the corvette track suspension kit has been tuned with allnew stabilizer bars, lower control arms with stiffer handling bushings, and trackoptimized passive shocks. Taking the time to play around with your dirt bike suspension settings can dramatically alter the handling and performance of your bike over different terrain. This suspension package was developed to improve the ontrack handling capabilities of the corvette stingray, including z51equipped models. Fork services fluid change, cartridge kits, revalving, seals. With over 15 years of suspension tuning experience, we can adjust or modify your sportbikes suspension to specifically suit your riding style. Setting rear suspension sag on a dual sport motorcycle.

Suggested sport bike motorcycle suspension settings. Nearly all 2016 and later products are part of the program, including 32, 34. When manufacturers build a bike they have to take into consideration many variables. An easy way to think of sag is as a measure of how.

It is good for 95% of the riders with just a click or two of adjustment. Absolutely needed on ducati 84810981198 springs fork and shock spring installation. Unfortunately, in our rush to accessorize, the simple yet most effective improvements in performance, such as suspension tuning. Suspension tuning guide street bike or road racing applications with incorrect suspension setup, tire wear is increased and handling suffers, resulting in rider fatigue. The first step in setting up your suspension measuring and adjusting suspension sag are the first steps in setting up any bikes suspension.

The first step to setting up any bike is to set the spring sag and determine if you have the correctrate springs. Suspension tuning guide street bike or road racing pnw. The sport rider suspension settings are a good place to start with a stock bike. Experience the dinan difference today and never look back. Drew smith have provided custom suspension tuning for offroad competitors at all levels, including national enduro, g. Put the bike on a stand that allows the suspension to fully extend. Motorcycle suspension worksheet shaun saxon photography. But as a dual sport rider suspension sag is something i only thought about once when i originally purchased my bike. Variables such as rider weight, rider speed, track speed, terrain, riding style and conditions must all be taken seriously to provide a bike to the public that will be a good balance for everyone. Here is da link to the sportrider suspensin settings. Dirt bike suspension tuning to tune your dirt bike suspension, youre going to have to get a little more involved than just turning a couple of screws. Lap times can be dramatically slower and overall safety for both street and race enthusiasts is another issue. This type of shock is found on the newest batch of sport quads and features compression, rebound, and threaded preload adjustments that allow a rider to completely customize the suspension ride quality of their machine.

Bike setup is key to a fun and safe ride, the new slacker digital suspension. The back felt awful, turning into slower corners i really had to force the thing to turn with loads of pressure on the bars, and it kept. A morning of suspension tuning with dave moss duration. Super sport superbike 1015mm 510mm road race 250 510mm 05mm road race 125 just top out 0mm. Aftermarket components like yokes and linkages can be measured and input by the user. To get the latest software and drivers click on register software to receive dsc sport tuning software ver. With over 15 years of suspension tuning experience, we can adjust or modify your suspension to specifically suit your riding style. I also needed to goto heavier fork springs to get the bike to handle offroad. This allows the rider to go into the braking area a little deeper before the rear end starts to unload these springs are usually available in 3 rates, soft, medium and hard. Open mode adjust provides 3 additional fine tuning adjustments for the open mode. Suspension tuning guide a complete guide to setting up your sportbikes suspension, including all the terms, technology and troubleshooting introduction get started on your setup.

Combine the stock settings with race track seating position sport bikes can be brutal to ride on the street. Rear measured from axle straight up to any fixed part of upper frame. Sportbike suspension tuning after reading the motorcycle suspension bible, i wanted another reference for tuning the suspension on motorcycles. Dinan is pleased to to be able to announce a new product offering being added into the catalog. Weve even heard reports of people riding into their neighborhood dealer, copy of sport rider in hand, asking to have their bike set up just like we say. Andrewt march 06, 2014 outside of having your suspension tuned and setup by a professional, you can fine tune your dirt bike. Motorcycle suspension setup getting to grips with a black art suspension setup. Fits most street, sport and adv bikes with steel axles up to 1 in diameter. When reading those articles depicting test rides of the same bike at a couple of different events, take notice of the riders personal stats. I tried suspension setting from motorcycle newspapers, sports bike magazine, top. Suspension tuning guide street bike or road racing applications by herb varin with incorrect suspension setup, tire wear is increased and handling suffers, resulting in rider fatigue. However, after reading the book i found it to be just as generic as the suspension bible.

The software allows in fact to analyze in advance the effectiveness of the technical choices and of setup sprocket ratio, suspension setting, tyres temperature in the different tracks and conditions, and then to hel technician and rider to go fast in the right direction to have the best performance. Superbikecoach motorcycle suspension guide the suspension setting process provided here is a basic methodical guide to providing a way to update you current suspension to the style of riding to best suit your needs. Dont worry about tuning the bike yet until you start doing track days. Spec is software for tuning motorcycle suspension and chassis geometry motospec has been designed for racing use, with a simple interface and clear outputs, to assist motorcycle tuners and race teams make quick and knowledgeable decisions. Andrew trevitt is the senior editor of sport rider magazine and has raced both in his native canada and in the united states. Too much pressure makes the suspension stiff and too little makes the bike wallow and push.

This newest release features new hardware, new software and a fresh new look. Here is a compression clicker adjustment screw located at the top of the left fork. Double click the install file and follow on screen instructions. Is your bikes suspension not performing the way you think it should. Products dinan, leader in bmw performance parts and upgrades. A top racing suspension company suggest that rear wheel rider sag should. Check the shock for smooth action and check the heim joints, andor linkage bearings for excessive stiction and binding. The most advanced form of stock suspension is the fully adjustable piggyback shock. The result is an active suspension setup that provides more grip to the tire, greater stability and ride control, and increased comfort for all driving styles and road conditions. Without proper setup, your motorcycle can feel unbalanced, unpredictable, and uncomfortable. Motorcycle suspension 101 a complete guide for riders. Setup bike is a dynamic simulation software aimed to the fine tuning of the motorcycle on track. Select a year 2016 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997.

Rear suspension rider sag should be 34% of available travel x. How to dirt bike suspension setup and tuning dirt rider. The tyre slid a bit, not enough to really let go, but there was definite movement, almost like the tyre had gone off. I was recommended this book because of the technical expertise of the author, andrew trevitt, from sport rider. Fft will be a cheaper, and faster way to get the most out of your suspension. If you feel the bike is hard to turn raise your forks or lower the forks to make the bike feel more. Suggested sport bike motorcycle suspension settings cycle world. Adjusting the fork height is really up to rider comfort. Selection is dependant on such factors as spring rate, machine weight and as a tuning tool for rider preference. Basic tune set preload, adjust compressionrebound damping characteristics to best suit your riding style. Sportbike suspension guide cycle world sport rider. Turner diagnostics range rover sport air suspension. When the rider gets on the bike and the suspension compresses called sag, equilibrium will be reached when the spring force equals the combined weight of the rider and bike as supported by that spring. Tuning available for all sportbike makes and models.

When suspension works correctly the bike will be much more enjoyable to ride. Through the faster corners the back end didnt feel in control. It is recommended to make these adjustments with the 3position lever in the medium or firm mode. I like a bikes suspension setup to be a bit on the stiff side but for many, and a good place to start is to adjust the rear shock, either increasing the adjustment collar or decreasing the adjustment collar until you have 3335mm of sag when you are sitting on the bike with all of your riding gear on. What we offer is suspension setup to your specific needs based on type of use, rider weight, preferred feel.

I want to join the sport of motorcycling part 5 the first 12 months. For most novice riders its easy to assume that once sag is set it will not change. Measure from the axle center vertically to a point on the chassis. If youre anything like me, you will have compiled an endless wish list before your new atv even touches dirt. This website has very hard to find valving information ever wondered how to make your bike handle properly. Sport rider s setup recommendations for every motorcycle tested from 1997 november 17, 2009 these tables show suggested suspension settings for each bike tested by the sport rider staff. You are now ready to start tuning your dsc sport active suspension. R3 bike with rider front f1 bike on stand suspension fully extended f2 bike on ground f3 bike with rider front measured from axle to top clamp.

Once the general suspension settings are where they should be, i use small compression changes to. Todays modern bikes come with adjustable suspension that is set up so any monkey can throw a screwdriver or spanner at it, and make a noticeable difference to the way it functions. You can also use the tables to find which issues of sport. Dirt bike suspension and how to adjust it dirt bike planet. All chassis dimensions and specifications are editable. These tables show suggested suspension settings for each bike tested by the sport rider staff. Stock suspension setup suzuki gsxr motorcycle forums.

The spring load with rider aboard will necessarily be the force needed to hold up the rider and bike. A as well as for dual sport and trail rider enthusiasts. The basics whether you are a road rider or a racer correct suspension setup is the key to fast smooth riding and consistent lap times. There is some micro crossover between compression and rebound, and finding that optimum setting is part of the challenge of suspension tuning. To check sag the distance between the fender and swing arm first check the distance with the rider off the bike and then with the rider on the bike in full riding gear.

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